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K4L marks ‘Day of the Girl’

Kick4Life hosted an open conversation today, 11th October, with female life-skills coaches from different programmes, departments and football teams to mark International Day of the Girl, an annual event organised by UNICEF. The topics discussed were in line with this year’s theme, ‘Invest in Girls’ rights: Our leadership, Our well-being.’

The discussion delved into the importance of girls knowing their rights and upholding them, and how knowing their rights influences their well-being. Participants also discussed the importance of education for girls, stating that it is through education that girls can ultimately lead happier and healthier lives, as well as contribute to the betterment of their communities.

The conversation also delved into how girls can be empowered to be leaders of the future and they stated that it should start with girls and women respecting and supporting one another in their small groups and society, then it will later spread throughout the world. ‘Mabakuena Ndebele, Kick4Life Junior Women’s team player, said: “Todays session was of great significance – it will help us to make good decisions in the future and it has helped to know our rights as girls and young women. Through it, we realise our power and strength as women and will use that to become better leaders of the future. We also saw the importance of giving and receiving support to other women and other people around us.”

K4L Programmes Director, ‘Maphoka Ramokoatsi, who was also part of the conversation, sharing her life experiences, advised the girls on steps they can take to need to become leaders now and in the future. She stated: “Today’s session was really intense and went deep into their daily lives and through it we learned that we need to have these conversations often. Sharing their own experiences also seemed to be powerful as they realised that the conversations we often talk about are not just theories but really do happen in real life.”

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