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The K4L Academy is our flagship programme, providing vulnerable children & young people with intensive academic support, football coaching and character development, with the aim of supporting them to student-athlete scholarships at international universities. Through the Academy we genuinely transform the lives of participants and have a measurable impact on the long-term sustainable development of Lesotho.

The intensive and holistic approach of the Academy uses football to leverage significant long-term academic investment in Lesotho, supporting participants to become future leaders and positive change-makers across areas such as development, academia, civic society, business, health and the environment. We also hope to develop a new generation of male and female Basotho footballers who will be pivotal to the progress of the senior national teams in years to come.

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Participants are identified through the delivery of our Community Programmes through which we reach thousands of youth every year with vital health education across topics including HIV/AIDS, reducing substance abuse, nutrition and preventing non-communicable diseases.

Those enrolled in the Academy are based at a residence close to the Kick4Life Centre. The model includes the following components, designed to help participants achieve academic and sporting excellence.

Participants receive secondary school scholarships through partnerships developed by Kick4Life with local schools. This includes school fees (secondary education is not free in Lesotho) and school dinners, uniforms and equipment,  In addition, the participants receive extra curricula academic support in key subjects and areas of interest.

Developing the football skills of the participants is key to them ultimately securing academic and soccer scholarships. As such they receive daily football coaching from a highly qualified coach at the Kick4Life Centre. The approach to coaching also helps to strengthen life-skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership.

A tailored character-building curriculum is delivered to participants to help them develop critical life-skills such as teamwork, communication, self-esteem and leadership. There is also a focus on developing key character attributes such as commitment, resilience, integrity and humility, which are seen as integral to achieving success, as well as being core to developing a wider social conscience and responsibility. Additionally the course covers health education – a key component as Lesotho has the world’s second highest prevalence of HIV (23.2%)

The wellbeing of the scholars is overseen by a dedicated carer, with regular one-one-one mentoring sessions for each individual. The Child Status Index model is used to measure wellbeing across multiple areas including health, education, nutrition, shelter, protection and psychosocial. This provides a mechanism for identifying any necessary referrals to specialist providers which are facilitated by Kick4Life. A tailored diet is also developed for the participants which is designed to support their overall physical and mental development, and often to overcome malnutrition earlier in life.

Upon completion of secondary school, Kick4Life supports participants in accessing full student-athlete scholarships at elite international education institutions including prep schools and universities. This includes managing the application process through partnerships developed with schools and colleges overseas, as well as providing support during their studies. Some participants will progress to further, education training and employment in Lesotho. See our graduates to date! 

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