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Strengthening the Youth Voice for Climate Action

The World Bank states that ‘Lesotho is already experiencing the negative effects of climate changes, including increased frequency of extreme events…droughts, increased rates of soil erosion and desertification, and reduced soil fertility’. With approximately 80 percent of Lesotho’s population dependent on subsistent agriculture for their livelihoods, many people in the Mountain Kingdom are vulnerable to these impacts of climate change. 

With funding from the Commonwealth Foundation, Kick4Life is working to raise awareness of these challenges, and, as part of this, we are publishing five stories, written by young leaders, to strengthen the youth voice for climate action. These stories are designed to highlight the impacts of climate change in Lesotho and to promote and accelerate climate action, including mitigation and adaption strategies, taken by stakeholders and decision-makers including government ministries, businesses, farmers, members of the public and community organisations.

Story 1:

‘Mabokang switches crops to feed her family in Mokhotlong, but the impacts of climate change continue

Story 2:

Nthatisi adapts to climate change with new farming practices in Thaba-Tseka, and calls on policy-makers to take climate action

Story 3:

Changing weather patterns impact Thabo’s crops in Mohale’s Hoek, increasing his family’s vulnerability to poverty

Story 4:

Malilemo pursues hydroponics as a sustainable solution to the impacts of climate change on farming in Mafeteng

Story 5:

Impacts of climate change on farming in Leribe inspire Mamello to pursue solar irrigation as a solution for her family, and for farmers across the Mountain Kingdom

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