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"There's always life after HIV-positive diagnosis"

"Love and support from Kick4Life has made me realise there's always life after HIV-positive diagnosis”

Moo, aged 24, from the small town of  Mazenod, in Lesotho discovered she was HIV positive six years ago when she was 18 years old. Lesotho has the 2nd highest HIV prevalence in the World, with 23.2% of the population infected. Today, on World Aids Day, Moo reflects on her life since discovering her positive status and explains how Kick4Life has helped her...

How did you cope when you learned your status?

I tested positive in one of the local testing sites, I was shocked and didn’t tell anybody, not even my family. It took me time but I was advised to visit Kick4Life for HIV counselling.

How did the counselling help you?

Kick4Life has had a big impact – a positive impact. The warm reception I received at Kick4Life and the wonderful people I met brought me hope again. Not only did I attend HIV counselling sessions but later also went through the HIV Testing and Counselling training Kick4Life offers. It made me want to be a positive change in my community.

You have been living with HIV for 6 years now, how has your life changed?

Currently I am engaged in community work where, as a Kick4Life HIV coach and Peer Ambassador, together with my colleagues, I visit various communities to make local young people aware of the disease and even more so encourage them to test and know their status.  Being a part of Kick4Life programmes has given me something useful and constructive to do and it has brought me into contact with so many wonderful, inspirational people, that I would never have come across before.

What words of advice & encouragement do you have for others?

Most importantly, I call on all people to get tested and know their status as that will enable them to make the right choices in life. To people living with HIV, it is a must to adhere to their HIV medication. To my fellow brothers and sister, please get tested and live a healthy life style. Lastly I would like to highlight the importance of the work Kick4Life does, I truly thank all the individuals, companies and other organizations that have supported Kick4Life and allow for it to run such life-saving programmes in Lesotho.

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