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Thato named as first Climate Activist

Thato named as first Climate Activist

We’re proud to introduce you to our first Climate Activist, Thato Sentje, who hails from Maseru, the capital city of Lesotho. Thato is an experienced Kick4Life life-skills coach, Girls United Assistant and one of the co-founders of the Kick4Life women’s team who play in the Lesotho Super League.

The new role of Climate Activist is part of a project focused on climate and gender supported by Coaches Across Continents which also includes integrating climate awareness sessions into the Girls United programme.

Thato says the topic of climate change is important to her because it is a major issue facing the world, which will disproportionally impact vulnerable people, including women and girls in Lesotho. Therefore she feels it is important for everyone to learn about climate change and take action to curb the negative effects it has on people and on the environment. She says: “I believe educating people about climate will play a huge role in helping them take action in saving our environment.”

In her project, Thato plans to plant vegetables that will benefit both the local community and Kick4Life’s social enterprise restaurant – No.7. She will grow her crops in reclaimed plastic bags collected from surrounding environments, a climate-smart system which is easy to use, can be planted anywhere and which saves water. Thato will also plant seedlings, which she will donate to schools where Girls United and climate awareness sessions are delivered. She plans on engaging children in the community and schools in her project, teaching them how to grow their own crops in climate-friendly ways. 

Thato also intends to cultivate indigenous plants in the Kick4Life garden that will be transferred to the new Biodiversity Stand at Kick4Life’s Stadium of Life once it is up and running.

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