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K4L v Likhopo in opener as fixtures announced

K4L v Likhopo in opener as fixtures announced

Premier League fixtures have been released with K4L facing Likhopo in the opening game on 27th August 2016. Champions Lioli start against LMPS, while the 2016/17 rookies Sky Battalion visit Linare. 

Below is the entire list of Vodacom Premier League fixtures for next season


Week 1

Saturday, 27 August

Lioli v LMPS (15:00, Setsoto Stadium)

Kick4Life v Likhopo (15:00, Maseru)

Linare v Sky Battalion (15:00, Maputsoe DiFA Stadium)


Sunday, 28 August

LDF v Sundawana (15:00, Ratjomose)

Bantu v Rovers (15:00, Mafeteng)

Liphakoe v LCS (15:00, Quthing)

Butha-Buthe Warriors v Matlama (15:00, Butha-Buthe)




2017 AFCON Qualifier (September 2, 3, 4) – Algeria v Lesotho


Week 2

Saturday, 3 September

Sundawana v Linare (15:00, Maputsoe DiFA Stadium)

Matlama v Bantu (15:00, Pitso Ground)

LCS v LDF (15:00, LCS)

LMPS v Rovers (15:00, PTC)


Sunday, 4 September

Sky Battalion v Kick4Life (15:00, TBC)

Butha-Buthe Warriors v Likhopo (15:00, Butha-Buthe)

Lioli v Liphakoe (15:00, Setsoto Stadium)


Week 3

Saturday, 10 September

Likhopo v Bantu (15:00, LCS)

LDF v Lioli (15:00, Ratjomose)

Kick4Life v Butha-Buthe Warriors (15:00, Maseru)

Sunday, 11 September

Sky Battalion v Sundawana (15:00, TBC)

Linare v LCS (15:00, Maputsoe DiFA Stadium)

Matlama v LMPS (15:00, Pitso Ground)

Rovers v Liphakoe (15:00, Roma)

Week 4

Saturday, 17 September

Liphakoe v Matlama (15:00, Quthing)

Rovers v LDF (15:00, Roma)

LCS v Sky Battalion (15:00, LCS)

LMPS v Likhopo (15:00, PTC)


Sunday, 18 September

Bantu v Butha-Buthe Warriors (15:00, Mafeteng)

Sundawana v Kick4Life (15:00, Maputsoe DiFA Stadium)

Lioli v Linare (15:00, Setsoto Stadium)


Week 5

Saturday, 24 September

Butha-Buthe Warriors v LMPS (15:00, Butha-Buthe)

Kick4Life v Bantu (15:00, Maseru)

Sundawana v LCS (15:00, Maputsoe DiFA Stadium)


Sunday, 25 September

Matlama v LDF (15:00, Pitso Ground)

Likhopo v Liphakoe (15:00, LCS)

Sky Battalion v Lioli (15:00, TBC)

Linare v Rovers (15:00, Maputsoe DiFA Stadium)



October 1, 2 – Independence Cup


Week 6

Saturday, 8 October

Lioli v Sundawana (15:00, Setsoto Stadium)

LDF v Likhopo (15:00, Ratjomose)

Matlama v Linare (15:00, Maseru)


Sunday, 9 October

Rovers v Sky Battalion (15:00, Roma)

LCS v Kick4Life (15:00, LCS)

Bantu v LMPS (15:00, Mafeteng)

Liphakoe v Butha-Buthe Warriors (15:00, Quthing)


Week 7

Saturday, 15 October

LMPS v LCS (15:00, PTC)

Likhopo v Matlama (15:00, LCS)

Sky Battalion v LDF (15:00, TBC)


Sunday, 16 October

Sundawana v Liphakoe (15:00, Maputsoe DiFA Stadium)

Kick4Life v Linare (15:00, Maseru)

Lioli v Bantu (15:00, Setsoto Stadium)

Butha-Buthe Warriors v Rovers (15:00, Butha-Buthe)

Week 8

Saturday, 22 October

Kick4Life v Lioli (15:00, Maseru)

Liphakoe v LMPS (15:00, Quthing)

LCS v Rovers (15:00, LCS)


Sunday, 23 October

LDF v Bantu (15:00, Ratjomose)

Matlama v Sundawana (15:00, Pitso Ground)

Linare v Butha-Buthe Warriors (15:00, Maputsoe DiFA Stadium)

Likhopo v Sky Battalion (15:00, LCS)


Week 9

Saturday, 29 October

Bantu v Linare (15:00, Mafeteng)

Sundawana v Likhopo (15:00, Maputsoe DiFA Stadium)

Butha-Buthe Warriors v Sky Battalion (15:00, Butha-Buthe)


Sunday, 30 October

Rovers v Lioli (15:00, Roma)

LMPS v LDF (15:00, PTC)

LCS v Matlama (15:00, LCS)

Liphakoe v Kick4Life (15:00, Quthing)




Week 10

Saturday, 5 November

Rovers v Kick4Life (15:00, Roma)

LDF v Liphakoe (15:00, Ratjomose)

Lioli v Matlama (Setsoto Stadium)


Sunday, 6 November

Linare v LMPS (15:00, Maputsoe DiFA Stadium)

Likhopo v LCS (15:00, LCS)

Sky Battalion v Bantu (15:00, TBC)

Butha-Buthe Warriors v Sundawana (15:00, Butha-Buthe)


November 12, 13 – Catch-up days

Week 11

Saturday, 19 November

LCS v Butha-Buthe Warriors (15:00, LCS)

Bantu v Sundawana (15:00, Mafeteng)

Liphakoe v Linare (15:00, Quthing)


Sunday, 20 November

Kick4Liufe v LDF (15:00, Maseru)

Matlama v Rovers (15:00, Pitso Ground)

LMPS v Sky Battalion (15:00, PTC)

Lioli v Likhopo (15:00, Setsoto Stadium)

Week 12

Saturday, 26 November

Matlama v Kick4Life (15:00, Pitso Ground)

Linare v LDF (15:00, Maputsoe DiFA Stadium)

Likhopo v Rovers (15:00, LCS)

Butha-Buthe Warriors v Lioli (15:00, Butha-Buthe)


Sunday, 27 November

Sky Battalion v Liphakoe (15:00, TBC)

Sundawana v LMPS (15:00, Maputsoe DiFA Stadium)

Bantu v LCS (15:00, Mafeteng)




Week 13

Saturday, 3 December

Liphakoe v Bantu (15:00, Quthing)

Rovers v Sundawana (15:00, Roma)

LDF v Butha-Buthe Warriors (15:00, Ratjomose)

Kick4Life v LMPS (15:00, Maseru)

LCS v Lioli (15:00, LCS)

Likhopo v Linare (15:00, LCS)

Sky Battalion v Matlama (15:00, TBC)

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