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K4L delivers climate & gender training

K4L delivers climate & gender training

Kick4Life delivered climate & gender coach curriculum training to 12 people from eight local schools and projects, who will now to deliver the sessions to hundreds of children and young people. The training was part of a partnership with Coaches Across Continents through which Kick4Life is one of ten Sport for Development organisations globally working together to strengthen their impact in the area of women and climate.

The participants came from a range of institutions from primary school to university as well as Lapeng Care Center, which houses survivors of Violence Against Women & Girls (VAWG), Paballong Youth Center and Lesotho Correctional Services. The course covered a range of sessions addressing issues of climate and gender, as well as covering health education, life-skills development, and coaching techniques.

Newly trained coach, Maureen November, who works with young people at Lesotho Correctional Services said: "I had knowledge about climate change but never knew the depth of it as affecting women." Moipone Lebesa, from Botho University, added that she felt, "empowered though the course", and that going forward she will she will, "emphasise on preserving natural resources, as people often use them without realising that they are negatively affecting the environment." 

Kick4Life's Programs Director, Puky Ramokoatsi, added, ‘In Lesotho, climate affects women more than men, as gender roles and norms stipulate that women should draw water from faraway places where they are at the risk experiencing heavy rains or sexual assault. It is important for women and young girls to understand that climate really affects them, and how they can take steps to protect themselves and the environment."

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