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Companies donate hearing aids to Katleho

Companies donate hearing aids to Katleho

Kick4Life would like to extend a huge thank you to Island Beltone Hearing Care and Taiji Brand Group out of Western Canada for their generous donation of a full Beltone hearing aid system, including new hearing aids and a full array of accessories, to Academy scholar Katleho Lesoetsa. 

Katleho’s hearing in his right ear started to degenerate at a young age. In the classroom, on the pitch and elsewhere, Katleho struggled to hear what was happening in his surroundings unless sound was being sent directly into his left ear. Having grown up in systems that do not fully accommodate near-deaf students in primary school, Katleho’s educational experience was seriously hindered. 

Speaking on this generous gift to his, Nandes, as Lesoetsa is also known in the football circles, said he is very thankful to Island Beltone and Taiji Brand Group for showing support to him and promised to make the best use of this life time opportunity. 

“I am so happy, I feel like this is the start of my new life, it was always difficult for me to interact with my peers at home, school and in the field. But today my hearing has been profound, it’s the best day of my life,” he said. 

Katleho joins two of his Academy teammates – Bataung Molefi and Jason Naidoo - in living with a severe hearing condition that has shaped his childhood. Ultimately, access to these hearing aids at this critical stage in his development will ensure that he is able to fully participate in Academy programming, in the classroom and on the pitch, and continue on the Academy pathway to a genuinely life-changing opportunity.  

Many thanks to Island Beltone and Taiji Brand Group, and good luck to Katleho!

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