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GU participants graduate at Ratjomose

GU participants graduate at Ratjomose

Kick4Life graduated a group of Girls United (GU) participants at Ratjomose School in the Maseru District after successfully facilitating 14 sessions covering topics such as gender rights, health education and the development of life-skills including resilience and self-efficacy.

Fourteen-year-old Bohlokoa Maliehe said that the programme "came at the right time" as the girls are facing many challenges in their daily lives, while the school's Principal, Maleloko Phihlela, noted some positive changes in the attitudes of the girls, stating that the intervention had also helped to "improve the school’s image, as the girls have learned the importance of keeping their environment clean." 

On giving her inspirational story at the graduation, Morakane Mokhothu, Girls United coach and Kick4Life football player, emphasised the importance of self-discipline, and explained how this has helped her in working towards her goals.

Kick4Life's Director of Programs said: "We hope the girls use everything they learned to better their lives, to be independent and to make good decisions. We hope they also transfer the knowledge and skills they acquired through the programme to their peers in the wider community. To the boys who participated in the mixed gender events, please spread the word, that violence against women and girls is not acceptable, and we hope you support the girls in everything they do."

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