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GEM Institute & K4L discuss climate action

GEM Institute & K4L discuss climate action

Research shows that Lesotho is likely to become hotter and drier and will continue to experience extreme events such as droughts and floods due to climate change. With this knowledge, to curb such effects against the Mountain Kingdom, Kick4Life, through its Climate Action Group, invited GEM Institute to share its experience with staff, volunteers and participants.

GEM Institute trains Basotho youth on technology, agriculture, fashion and film, incorporating issues of climate change in all of those fields, and the two organisations discussed how Kick4Life could further integrate climate education within its Football for Good programmes.

Nthakoana Kapoko from GEM Institute expressed her gratitude to be part of the group stating; ‘I, myself, love Lesotho, my country, and Africa as a whole and I would like to see us combat climate change as much as we possibly can. It has come to my realisation that in Africa, especially Lesotho, our experience of season change has transformed, and this is all because of climate change, and it is through initiatives such as this on that this situation could change. I am very happy to be part of an initiative working towards saving Lesotho and Africa as a whole.’

Running since 2020, the Kick4Life Climate Action Group has engaged internal and external stakeholders in raising awareness of climate change as well as promoting climate action. This has included identifying ways of improving Kick4Life's environmental approach including reducing energy consumption, digitising processes and adopting new recycling practices within our social enterprises.

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