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Academy Winter Camp underway

Academy Winter Camp underway

The Academy participants, along with a select number of young people, have commenced a five week winter school where student-athletes will engage in intensive tutoring in standard subjects, enrichment classes, character development sessions, community service and football training.

This is an intensive Winter School and Camp that runs Wednesday, June 22 to Tuesday July, 25th. This is critical period for the participants to get ahead in their footballing abilities, academics and character development.

Kick4Life Academy Director Hana Tiji said the participants are fortunate to have access during this period to a full team of Academy staff plus volunteers and interns from the USA and Lesotho that bring a wealth of unique skills, knowledge and passions to share with the student-athletes.

“For the Academy players, the camp runs seven days a week, with most days kicking off with at 7am training session, followed by a character development session, and then the rest of the day until dinner time is devoted to individual tutoring sessions across standard academic subjects,” she said.

She further stated that with the players outside of the Academy, it is an exciting opportunity to experience what daily life is like for a residential Academy player as they learn what it takes to work towards excellence in football, academics and character development.

In addition to these activities, the Academy players will be partaking in music and debate as well as public speaking.


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