K4L Academy Participants

Kick4Life Academy participants come from disadvantaged backgrounds in Lesotho and are supported with an intensive programme that includes fully funded secondary school scholarships as well as high level football coaching and a character building curriculum. Here you can find out about the current participants in the Academy.


2017 In-take

Jason Naidoo

Jason, from Ha-Mabote, is one of six siblings. After his father died, it fell upon his mother to bring in money and look after the family. Jason lost his hearing at an early age; this has held him back academically and he also suffered bullying. The football pitch has been the place where Jason can express himself freely and K4L is now helping him to access suitable hearing aids so he can progress in school as well. Jason is a right-midfielder and his favourite school subject is Maths. He hopes to apply the discipline he is learning on the pitch to his studies at school and aims to go to university.

Watch a video about Jason's story

Bataung Molefi

Bataung comes from Qoaling, near Maseru. His mother left the family when he was young and he has since been raised by his father along with his younger brother and sister. Bataung is a left midfielder. His favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo and he supports Kasier Chiefs. At school, Bataung enjoys studying Social Studies and he is working hard to improve on the pitch and in the classroom in order to pursue a university education. He hopes to become a role model for those coming after him.

Bakuena Ramakatsa

Bakuena grew up in a community which did not support him playing football. However, when his family changed residence he was happy to find friends who had the same passion as him. He hasn't looked back since. Bakuena finds joy in football as it helps him to express himself. At school, he enjoys Mathematics and hopes to study Electrical Engineering at university level. He also hopes to use his passion for football to persuade and motivate others to get involved in sports.

Lebeko Moalosi

Lebeko hails from Sehlabeng, a village on the outskirts of Maseru where he would walk long distances to Kick4Life to play football, and come back late in the evening to collect water for the family and also feed the livestock. He started playing football at the early age of 7. Through the Academy he hopes to become a top performing students at school. His aspiration is to pursue a course in Sports Management so that he could use his skills to upgrade the standard of football in Lesotho. Lebeko supports Real Madrid.

Tumeliso Ratsiu

The only child in his family, Tumeliso spent most of his childhood honing his football skills on the streets and in the school grounds. It wasn’t until the age of 8 that he had his very own football boots, having spent years knocking the ball about with torn school shoes in the streets of his home village of Lithabaneng. At school, he enjoys Mathamatics and wishes to become a Geologist in the future. The disciplined left-footed defender who can also play left wing, rallies behind Manchester United. He believes being selected for the Kick4Life Academy signifies him getting a step closer to achieving his goals of going to university as well as playing football at a good level.

2018 In-take

Katleho Lesoetsa

Katleho was born and raised in Qoaling. He comes from a family of five and fell in love with football when he used to go to watch his father playing for a local club. When he started playing himself, Katleho often had to walk for miles to matches and often played while hungry as the family struggled for food. Nicknamed ‘Nandez’ after his hero Fernando Torres, Katleho enjoys mathematics and hopes to use this passion to build a career as an accountant.

Kabelo Ngatane

Kabelo started playing football in pre-school. He plays on the right wing and is known for his great pace in chasing up opponents on the pitch. Kabelo is hoping that with the hard work and commitment, the Academy will give him a chance to fulfil him dream of becoming a surgeon so that he can one day help assist the citizens of his country live healthy and safe lives.

Nkhahle Liahelo

Nkhahle, born and raised in Butha-Buthe, grew up playing football barefoot in the streets where his friends would use pieces of plastic to make up the ball. His father died while he was only 3 years. He regrets not having a father-son relationship but hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps in becoming a dedicated player. At school he enjoys science and mathematics and hopes to become a civil engineer. He is a left-footed attacking midfielder.

Morena Mona

Morena is from Maputsoe, in the district of Leribe. He had a tough upbringing and often depended on his school’s feeding programme and on his extended family for meals and clothing. He loves football ore than anything and hopes to use the adversity he faced when growing up to motivate him towards a successful future as an accountant so that he can provide for his family. “Chief” as they call him, can play as a top striker and also a left wing midfielder. He loves scoring goals and he doesn’t like losing!

Mphale Mphalaole

Mphale had a difficult childhood with the family often struggling to put food on the table. At school he was teased for his shabby uniform. Football is where he finds peace of mind. Mphale hails from Ha-Tsautse, just next to Qoaling. He is a versatile player and is noted for his excellent marshalling of the back line and maturity in being able to control the flow of the game. He says Lesotho’s football international Mohai Mohai inspires him to work hard and improve. Through the Academy he aims to become a role model for others in his achievements on the pitch and in the classroom.

2019 In-take

Katiso Tsoamotse

Katiso is a 13-year old boy who hails from the village of Ha-Motlere in the Mafeteng district. He comes from a small family of three, which includes his grandmother and 5-year old sister. To help support his family with day-to-day needs, he would often find small jobs to work in his village during the weekends, such as gardening, which ultimately helped him develop a sense of independence and appreciation for hard work. Katiso’s favourite football player is Siyabonga Mpontshane of Orlando Pirates, a team he is also a big fan of. He hopes to one day study medicine and work as a doctor abroad. Katiso says he is going to use the opportunity he has been given by Kick4Life very wisely through hard work, respectful behaviour and by following all the instructions he will be given. He knows that if he keeps these principles, they will help him achieve his dreams and by extension, help make a good life for his family.

Pule Mathaba

Pule grew up the last-born in a family of four in Maputsoe in the Leribe district. At class 3, he started playing football with friends in the streets and at school, and that is where his love and passion for football developed. He would often play barefoot, developing a soft touch on the ball.

English and Mathematics have always been his favourite subjects at school and he aspires to be a mechanical engineer in the future. Pule enjoys watching Barcelona and hopes to be a hard-working, disciplined professional footballer like Lionel Messi. He is thankful to the Kick4Life Academy for this opportunity and says it’s a step closer towards achieving his dream of having a successful career helping others. 

Seabata Ts'emane

Seabata was born and raised in Mafeteng, Motse-Mocha. He is a skilled left winger who dreams of having a positive impact on those around him and creating a legacy for his community around achievement. Growing up in a hard-working family, Seabata used to herd his father’s livestock each day after school, learning the value of discipline and an honest work ethic. He is working hard at school and in the field to become a medical doctor and a professional footballer one day. 

Seabata says joining the Kick4Life Academy has helped paint a bigger picture of how much life can offer him. The character development program within the Academy has given him confidence that, no matter what he starts with, he can develop himself constantly and provide himself with the tools and growth mindset to have a successful life and achieve his greatest goals.