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$ 25 will purchase books and learning materials for the literacy program.

$ 50 will purchase 10 HIV testing kits.

$ 100 will put 1 child through a 10-week HIV prevention education and life skills course, including an HIV test, counseling and necessary medical referrals.

$ 250 will put an adolescent through an intense work skills training program followed by a work experience internship and on-going mentoring.

$ 500 will help support one child for a year who is currently living on the streets back into education and onto Kick4Life’s on-going mentoring scheme.

$ 1000 will fund five vulnerable young women to complete a year-long program supporting them from a position of severe hardship to employment and a sustainable lifestyle.

$ 10000 will build a room in Kick4Life’s new health and education facility, enabling youth from all over the country to receive vital health, education and on-going holistic support. You will have a plaque with your name on the wall of the room.




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